Absolute mobility

Most compact system
First wheel alignment system that fits in a compact toolbox (56 x 45 x 25 cm), suitable as cabin baggage for air travel.
Applicable everywhere
Ideal for using at race- and test tracks, workshops and home-garage. Use it on ground-level or lift-bridge.
Easy handling
One agile and ready to use device, with minimal preparation time needed. Lightweight and durable design.

Quick precision

Fast method
Check of 4-wheel alignment (camber, toe and thrust-angle) in 2 minutes. Rim-run-out, caster and KPI possible
Laser precision
Fully-fledged laser-based device for very precise measurement and adjustment of wheel alignment.
High reproducibility
Camber : +/- 00°05‘
Single toe : +/- 00°01‘
Total toe: +/- 00°02‘

Smart flexibility

Easy to use
TRIGOLIGN®  is suitable for 10 to 24 inches rims. The device can be held by hand or fixed with an elastic band. Placement is scratch-free.
Extra features
Both hardware and software can easily be extended with extra features for more functionality. TRIGOLIGN® keeps developing the functionalities and possibilities
Software features
Vehicle data and measuring protocols can easily be archived. Reuse possible. Data can be displayed in mm or minutes. Imperial units possible

Highly practical

Software features
The software offers various possibilities, such as measurements relative to the rear axle or the vehicle centerline.
Cost effective
One person can do the job with an effective ROI as result. Full leasing contract + servicing is also possible.   
Reliable design
Which is developed and tested by professional technicians. Laser safety is guaranteed by tested laser class 2 and auto-shut-off functionality.