TRIGOLIGN® makes wheel alignment quick and easy. Discover the various advantages of TRIGOLIGN’s new product and its unique innovative features

Absolute mobility

Extremely compact 
The first 4-wheel alignment system that fits into a convenient toolbox (56 x 45 x 25 cm).
Applicable everywhere
Ideal for track-usage, workshops, and home garages. It works on ground level and on lift bridges.
Easy handling
Just on light and user-friendly T-shaped device needed, suitable for rims from 10 to 24 inches.

Fast and most accurate

Quickest method
Check camber, toe-in and thrust angle in just 2 minutes.
Electronic precision
Modern green laser-technology and cross-axis compensation: extremely accurate, with large working range.
High reproducibility
The combination of system and high product quality enable precision measurements, time after time.

Smart flexibility

Easy to use
Fast placing without scratching the rim. Clever rim-run-out option.
Software features
Continuous development for extended functionality. Free one year license.
Accessory upgrades
HW and SW options for extended functionality available here.

Highly practical

Safety features
Approved to the highest safety standards, demanded by OEM and TIER 1-2 suppliers.
Functional touchscreen
Camber values are immediately visible and stored in the device.
Cost effective
Fast ROI, with optional attractive leasing formula.